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We are educated in canine skin and coat, and regularly attend refresher seminars to stay updated on the latest techniques and tools of the trade. The Poochi Pet Resort groomers have been voted #1 Pet Groomer in Troup County, repeatedly. We enjoy grooming all AKC registered breeds, the newest designer dogs, potpourri pooches, and cats. Hand-scissored, fancy cuts, & color accents are, also, available.

As a resort, we offer the ultimate in pampering. Following, you will see a selection of extra special treatments available for the fur person in your life. All bath services include ear cleaning and plucking, nail trimming and buffing, bath and drying, cologne, and Blueberry Facial, or Cranberry Facial.

Grooming Menu

Poochi Puppy
Tearless puppy shampoo and baby powder cologne
Poochi Regular
Tearless, all purpose lavender shampoo
Poochi Hypoallergenic
Tearless, hypoallergenic grapefruit shampoo

The following therapeutic and indulgent packages are available at an additional charge, determined by your pet's size and coat condition.

The Pampered Poochi
For the ultimate doggie spa experience. Includes padicure, aromatherapy shampoo and VIP conditioner.
The Tick and Flea Flicker
Poochis with fleas and ticks will appreciate this treatment with flea shampoo, conditioner, anti itch spray, and relieving rinse.
Dr. Dog
For the Poochi plagued by itchy, yeasty, flaky, or fungus tortured skin. We can help with our antimicrobial shampoo, soothing rinse, and antimicrobial spray.
You Dirty Dog
For the poochi who enjoys the red GA clay, swimming in the lake, or spending time under the car. Let us shampoo, deodorize, and brighten your special outdoors lover.
The Skunky Pup
You know who you are. Our special recipe will eliminate the offending odor and make your poochi soft and sweet smelling, again.
The Bright and White
Has your poochi gotten dull, dingy, or stained? We can whiten and brighten even the most dingy dog.

A La Carte

  • nail trim and buff
  • polish
  • conditioner
  • Perfume
  • medicated spray
  • Blueberry Facial
  • sanitary shave
  • trim eye corners and/or visor
  • clean and pluck ears
  • teeth brushing and breath spray
  • padicure

All groom and SPAW clients receive a FREE Blueberry Facial or Cranberry Facial, hydro-massage,cologne, and decoration.